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Founded in 1989 by George Tavernas, Jim Tavernas, and Keith Fraser. For 31 years the group transformed California Nut Company into one of the most trusted nut companies with a strong customer and grower base.

Customers value our product for its consistent quality over the years. With our reputation amongst buyers, we get some of the first offers to sell our product. We have strong appeal to growers by offering a historically top paying Pool Payment Program and the flexibility of Call or Contract Payment Program.

In 2020, we welcomed the addition of the Martella and Winters families as part of the ownership group. Both bring a wealth of farming and manufacturing expertise and experience to the company. With these additions we will also have greater financial flexibility as well. All owners are 4th generation farming families.



Our word means everything to us.  A competitive pool payment has been made to growers every year we have been in business.  Every contract to growers has been fulfilled as written.  A grower has NEVER been asked to take less than the contract if the market changes.


We have built a strong broker sales team over the years with our integrity and consistent quality.  They stand behind their sales contracts to where we are protected from payment defaults by customers.  Our customer base includes both domestic and international.  Domestically, our customer base includes most major retailers and wholesalers.


The plan for the future is to continue to grow and keep the same principles of top returns to growers with flexible programs, product quality, and continued improvement in operational efficiency through automation.


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California Nut Co.
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