Custom Processing


Almond Pasterizer


Our pasteurization process includes the use of a steam pasteurizing system. This method eliminates microorganisms on almonds without diminishing the nutritional value and quality such as taste and crunch. We pasteurize conventional as well as organic almonds.

Almonds sold as kernels

Regular & Organic Kernels & Inshell Processing

We sort our almonds for both kernel and inshell processing.  Unsatisfactory nuts and foreign material are removed then sizing and grading procedures ensure uniformity and consistency in quality. 

Almond Packaging


Our automatic almond packaging system packages our final almond product into boxes and crates to be ready for shipping. 

Healthy Almonds with Aflatoxin Removed

Aflatoxin Removal

Aflatoxin, toxins produced by the mold Aspwergillus flavus, is removed from all almond products during our almond processing system.  Our almonds are all healthy and ready to eat when ready for distribution.

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